Bartolotta in The Wynn, Las Vegas

Memorial Day 2009, I took my girlfriend, Erin, to Las Vegas for her first time. It was one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever had, and part of that is due to the dining experience we had at Bartolotta. Being from Chicago, I thought it would be great to check out this restaurant because the chef, Paul Bartolotta, used to be the chef at Spiaggia on Michigan Avenue. I’m glad we went here because this is now my favorite restaurant I’ve EVER dined at. The decor is spectacular whether you eat in the plush comfortable dining room or outside under your own cabana. Are you a fan of the show Top Chef? Do you remember the fantastic Las Vegas season? Well, one episode featured Paul Bartolotta as a guest judge, and as a perk, the remaining chefs were taken out to dinner at his restaurant and given a grand feast. Well, this dinner happened to be the same night that Erin and I ate there… Memorial Day 09! We noticed all of the TV cameras right away and our server told us what was going on. This was spectacular on many different levels. First, we are big fans of Top Chef. Second, we knew when we watched this episode we were going to be able to relate to it personally because we just happened to be dining there too. Third, chef Bartolotta had so much magnificent seafood available because he was wowing people even more than usual, and this included us! All of his seafood is flown straight from the Mediterranean, is 24-48 hours out of the water, and is still partially alive. It doesn’t get any fresher!  Long story short, this was the best dinner we ever had!

Fast forward to August 8th, 2011. Erin and I went to Vegas again, but this time it was the start of our honeymoon. Of course, we had to go back to Bartolotta. Once again, we were blown away! We did the menu degustation which, by the way, was enough food to feed four hungry people, let alone two, but that’s a trademark of the chef. He serves a lot of food! I will also say to bring your wallet, but it’s really worth every penny if you appreciate everything that goes into preparing your meal. The wine list is very thoughtful and there are a lot of great wines by the glass and value bottles to help save some money. We had a $48 bottle of Nigl Gruner Veltliner that carried us through the whole meal. If you like fine dining and you’re visiting Las Vegas, this is a DO NOT MISS restaurant and still my #1  favorite!


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1 thought on “Bartolotta in The Wynn, Las Vegas

  1. Nice blog story @VinoMike What an amazing dinner you guys had. Congrats!

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