First Post

So I finally stumbled into the world of blogging today. I’ve been active on the internet through the social media sites twitter, facebook, and youtube, and that has led me down the path of blogs. I wasn’t sure where to blog, and I still don’t really know HOW to blog, but I heard about wordpress so I’m checking it out. Sorry Tumblr, but I’m sure I’ll visit you soon too. Hopefully this will be a small learning curve, but we’ll see.

So why start a blog? Well, I have a lot of passion and experience about food and wine (and music) and I really enjoy sharing that passion with others. I’m really just hoping that there will be people out there who find my content interesting, and in turn, I will find their blogs and learn a thing or two from them. That’s what it’s all about for me… sharing and networking! As bad as I want people to discover my blog, I also want to discover yours! I don’t want this blog to just be a personal diary, I want it to be a vehicle in which I can discover YOUR passions about wine, food, or whatever!

So with that, I’m off to get my blogging show on the road!

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